Made by National Craft Industries of Taiwan
ASTM F2159, ASTM F1960, ASTM F877, CSAB137.5, NSF/ANSI 61/14, NSF 372 and cUPC
  Our PPSU pex fittings have been made white or black in color so that any harmful chemical or UV exposure can be witnessed, and suspect fittings can be removed from use.

Do not expose PPSU fittings to any foreign substance that includes but is not limited to VOC (volatile organic chemical) compounds, paints, solvents, glues, cleaners and disinfectants. PPSU pex fittings that are exposed to these types of substances are at risk of failures.

 PPSU pex fittings must be protected from UV exposure, which can damage them. UV exposure during storage, handling and installation should not exceed 15 days.

   Installation: please refer to the established guidelines for PEX fittings. 
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